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EOS Dapp special incubation fund

To those supporters who vote for JRR as a block producer, we will give our earnings from incubated projects to them in the form of airdrop.

Exchange without listing fees

We promise to build an exchange with no listing fees forever. Any token based on EOS can be traded on our exchange.

EOS hardware wallet

We will release a hardware wallet designed for EOS which will provide a solution to ensure the security of EOS storage.

Decision making for everyone

We will build EOS JRR community as a decentralized autonomous organization. All members can participate in decision making and make a proposal by spending small amount of EOS.

EOS college

We will hold salons, lectures and training regularly to help more developers lauch EOS Dapps.

JRR Crypto

EOS JRR, founded by JRR Crypto, is committed to creating EOS-based application ecosystem and providing a series of services including project incubation, development, training, and community operation. Through the unique community autonomy program of EOS JRR, the operation rights of block producer can be returned to all participants in the community, finally, the highly active group will contribute to the prosperity and development of EOS ecology.

Headquartered in Switzerland, JRR Crypto is the world's leading distributed investment banking group which focus on blockchain industry and cryptocurrency. JRR Crypto is principally engaged in seven major business segments: incubator and industrial park, business consulting, investment banking service, industrial fund, cryptocurrency exchanges, secondary market transactions and digital asset management. As JRR Crypto's industrial fund, JRR Capital focuses on the investment and ecological construction of high-quality blockchain projects around the world. It has completed early investments in numerous projects, including Binance, the world’s leading blockchain asset trading platform, tokenGazer, Draco, WAX, etc.

Projects we invest

Our Plan



Build EOS JRR community


begin to Incubate EOS Dapps


operate node when the EOS mainnet is lauched


Organize EOS related training and lectures



Complete the construction and development of community autonomy system


Complete the incubation of multiple EOS Dapps and list those tokens on our exchange


Deploy some machines in two data areas of a data center or two separate network isolations. The master mainly performs mining, and the slave synchronizes the data of the master. Slave will quickly switch to master when upgrades or service is down and can analyze data.

Server Location

The server will be deployed in Hong Kong or Japan and any suitable areas.

Technical specifications and expenses before June 3

Alibaba Cloud:ecs.se1ne.2xlarge CPU: 8 vCPU Cores RAM: 64GB Bandwidth: 2000Mbps Storage: System disk 500GB Data storage 1TB

Hardware Expansion Plan After June 3

Set up servers on mainstream cloud service providers (AWS, Microsoft cloud, Alibaba Cloud, and IBM/Google) to ensure that system services and network connections are fault-tolerant enough.

  • Backup server

    AlibabaCloud ecs.se1ne.14xlarge

    CPU: 56 vCPU Cores

    RAM: 480GB

    Bandwidth: 10Gbps

    Storage: 2TB, System disk 1TB


  • Primary server

    IBM BI.S2.H4100 Bare metal server

    CPU: 96 Cores

    RAM: 1024GB

    Bandwidth: 10Gbps

    Storage: 3 * 800GB SSD


  • Backup server

    Microsoft Azure E64 V3

    CPU: 64 vCPU Cores

    RAM: 432GB

    Bandwidth: 30Gbps

    Storage: Local SSD 1.6TB

    Managed OS Disk 2TB


Core Team Member

  • Mintao Chen

    Founder & CEO of Shanghai Magicoranges Network Technology Co., Ltd

    Mr Chen has years of Internet working experience and experience in successfully starting business. He set foot in blockchain industry in 2016. His blockchain company, Magicorange Network, got investment from Shanghai Wanxiang Blockchain Inc. and became an united innovation team of Wanxiang Blockchain. In the team, he is mainly responsible for leading the implementation of numerous blockchain projects in insurance, charity, and notarization field.

  • John Liu

    Global Partner of JRR Crypto

    Mr. Liu is a Global partner of JRR Crypto, Dean of Eroupe Excutive Chinese Business School and Chairman of Funeng Culture Media. In the past two decades, his business has spread all over the world as he built branches in Japan, Korea, the USA, Singapore, Switzerland, Spain and Germany. Mr. Liu is now dedicated to investment, finacing and overseas business in blockchain industry. Mr. Liu is a devotee and explorer in blockchain philosophy.

  • Jing Liu

    Entrepreneur community of Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business

    Mr. Liu is a core founder of Entrepreneur community of Cheung Kong.Graduate School of Business. And he has been dedicated to blockchain and Internet startups service startups, mainly focusing on innovative technology, SaaS & Fin-Tech. He got his bachelor degree in Vehicle Chemical Engineering from Jilin University and recevied MBA degree from Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business. Mr Liu used to work on production management and R&D developement in Shanghai Volkswagen and he had engaged in company & industry research on e-commerce and consumption goods at the Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business .

  • Shangru Lin (Czhang)

    Vice President of JRR Crypto, consultant of Asia Israel Blockchain Association

    Mr. Lin graduated from University of Western Ontario majoring in electronic Engineering, and got the MBA degree in Tsinghua University and Insead Business School in France. After more than 10 years of commercial operation, he successfully listed his family business on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (Poland) in 2014. He set foot in investment field with PreAngel Blockchain Investment Fund. PreAngel was the seed investor of Neo in 2014 and has invested in more than 50 blockchain projects including Oben, Primas, Qlink, Robin8, Smartmesh, Medicalchain, Zeepin, Bnktothefuture, Aptoide, Bluezelle and Iotex, many of which have fold increase in their market value.

  • Fan Yang

    CEO & Founder of Huanchang Network

    Mr. Yang is a continuous entrepreneur who has 20 years experience of Internet operations, development, investment, mergers and acquisitions. He has been the founder or co-founder of many internet high-tech companies including 9you.com, one of the biggest music & online gaming companies in the world, Jiuyu, the biggest arcade company in China, Famiku, a famous VR/AR company. Mr. Yang began to pay attention to digital currency and blockchain in 2012 and has deep understanding and insight about the industry. He entered into the blockchain industry in 2017 and is about to launch the Draco, China's first EOS hardware wallet.

  • Xiaodong Liu

    CEO of HC Group

    Mr. Liu has 19 years of managing experience in internet companies, he once served as general manager of ZOL, senior vice president of CNET China, senior vice president of CBS Interactive China, chairman of ZOL and CEO of HC Group. Mr. Liu has led ZOL to become a flagship company of CBS Interactive in China, now It has become a leading technology media and marketing service platform with wide users, high traffic and high revenue.

  • Zhangtao Huang

    Founding Partner of VT Capital

    Mr. Huang has focused on investments in culture and entertainment, he has invested in Hanguang Group, Fengniao.com, Beer Education, Fantasy.tv and succeessfully quit. Besides, Mr. Huang also invested some outstanding blockchain media projects such as ChainDD, Fengchao Finace and Youzi Finance.

  • Mingli Chu

    CEO of Keda Group Co., Ltd.

    Mr. Chu has successful Internet entrepreneurship and listed company management experience. He established Beijing Aspiration Advertising Co., Ltd. and has achieved a double-digit growth for many years in a row. In 2015, Aspiration became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Keda. He currently serves as the CEO of Keda Co., Ltd and is committed to building China’s leading digital marketing group. Since 2017, Mr. Chu has led the company to take the lead in exploring the combination of blockchain and industry, establishing blockchain research institute, industry fund and "fast chain" blockchain media platform.

  • Award to Our Supporters

  • Free investment bank service

    JRR Crypto's investment bank will help EOS JRR supporters to incubate their EOS projects and provide service fee reductions

  • Bounty program

    Any individual or organization participating in the bounty program will have the opportunity to receive a maximum commission of 5% from the bounty.

  • Exchange without listing fees

    After we lauch our exchange, we will list our supporters' EOS Dapps first.

  • Dividend airdrop

    For those projects successfully incubated by EOS JRR special fund, we will conduct dividend airdrop to our supporters by proportion.

  • Free training

    Supporters can attend our JRR College and receive free blockchain training opportunities.

  • Hardware wallet reward

    Supporters with more than 20,000 EOS can get one hardware wallet designed by Draco.

  • The priority to invest our projects

    Institutions who support EOS JRR will have the priority to invest our invested projects.


Our Partners

BP deliver:bp@jrrcapital.com
Cooperation: business@jrrcapital.com